The Jungle is full to the brim with bold, dramatic plants that will turn your garden into a lush, verdant refuge, far from the madding crowd. A theme where foliage of all shapes and sizes creates a rich backdrop for surprising pops of vibrant colour - perfect for a shady garden, basement or terrace but happy in sun too.

Luxurious canopies are formed by majestic tree ferns and palms, with shape and height provided by Euphorbia, Mahonia and Bamboo. The bold colours of Phormium, Crocosima and Salvia bring vibrancy, all underpinned by a forest-floor carpet of Asplenium, Heuchera and Hosta. Welcome to the Jungle.

The Elements

There are a number of key elements that confidently combine to create your Jungle garden.


Not for the faint hearted - think big shapes, textures, sizes and colours.


A rich palette of greens and deep reds help blur boundaries and evoke the exotic.


Despite the drama, this theme is relaxed and plentiful in its design.

The Jungle palette

Rich red

Deep purple

Dappled green

Jungle green

Olive green

The Inspiration

Borde Hill Garden, West Sussex

The subtropical-style Round Dell at Borde Hill is lush with large-leaved plants, shape and texture. Hardy bananas luxuriate alongside giant rhubarb, and dense thickets of bamboo add to the exotic feel.

Trewidden Garden, Cornwall

A maze of meandering paths wind through this tranquil 15-acre garden to showcase exotic and rare plants that thrive in the mild climate. Striking and artistic in equal measure.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

This UNESCO World Heritage Site demonstrates the evolution of a tropical botanic garden from a ‘Pleasure Garden’ in the English Landscape Style, to a modern and world-class botanic garden, scientific institution and place of conservation.

The Plants

Our designs are created to ensure your garden has real structure, colour and shape, for immediate impact.

It means you’ll receive plants and flowers of all shapes and sizes - from larger, “hero” items for stature and impact, all the way through to smaller “bedding” plants that help fill spaces and bring colour.

Here’s some more detail on the types of plants you can look forward to with The Jungle - delivered right to your door and ready for planting.

1. Centrepiece

A visually interesting, structural shrub such as Euphorbia or Fatsia japonica forms the design’s centrepiece

2. Shape

Striking shrubs such as Mahonia and Nandina add form and substance to the design, ensuring immediate shape

3. Height

Bold stature from Phormium 'Bronze Baby' and Heuchera and bring impact to the design

4. Statement

Statement plants such as Crocosima and Salvia 'Hot Lips' create bold pops of colour within a sea of green

5. Ground

Ferns such as Dryopteris, combined with the compact Hosta 'Halycon' create sprawling carpets that mimic the jungle floor

6. Climber

Climbers such as Holboellia coriacea and Passiflora help create height, range and coverage against fences and walls

The Designs

Each design in this theme has been carefully curated to give you the perfect balance of statement plants, varying heights and flowering throughout the year, in both shade and sun.

Please note that we create your design based on a wide range of plants to ensure they best suit your space, aspect and flower bed(s) size - the plants mentioned on this page are representative of the theme but there can be variations!

The Options

We have three different shapes and sizes of the The Jungle available with our Instant Beds, designed for both sunny and shady spots within in your garden.

Or, you can go Bespoke if you want something little more personalised.

Wide rectangle

Small: £120

100 x 60 cm - 7 plants

Medium: £188

150 x 80 cm - 15 plants

Large: £380

200 x 100 cm - 25 plants

Slim rectangle

Small: £188

200 x 60 cm - 14 plants

Medium : £380

250 x 80 cm - 25 plants

Large: £476

300 x 100 cm - 33 plants

Corner triangle

Small: £60

80 x 80 cm - 4 plants

Medium: £92

120 x 120 cm - 8 plants

Large: £284

180 x 180 cm - 18 plants

Top tip

Our designs are densely planted so if your space is up to 20% bigger than these sizes you can always spread out the plants a little more and you will still have a beautiful, professional-looking flower bed.

What you'll get



All plants delivered to your door by a member of the Dig team


All plants clearly-labeled, ready for planting

Planting plan

An easy-to-follow planting plan, colour coded with the plants

Dig Club

Membership to Dig Club for tips, reminders, and follow-ups to keep your garden looking great

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