The Nordic

Our latest theme - The Nordic - is the result of a very close collaboration with celebrated Scandinavian design expert and writer, Reena Simon. Inspired by her home and interiors, we have co-crafted a beautiful, calming theme that embraces the naturalistic focus of Scandinavian landscape and garden design, as well as the Hygge philosophy that underpins Reena’s outlook on design and indeed her life.

Planting includes evergreen shrubs such as Sarcococca and Pinus mugo, grasses such as Miscanthus and Molinia, and perennials like Veronicastrum, Tiarella, Gaura and Echnincea.

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Is The Nordic for me?

Every season

Spectacular visual interest all year round


Plant choices create a comforting, warming retreat


Naturalistic planting creates synergy with its surroundings

The Mediterranean

Overflowing with endless blues, purples and silvers, The Med is perfect for those who dream of sunny evenings overlooking the Aegean. A gentle, informal design style combined with muted colours evokes a calming sense of stillness, broken only by the soft scents of herbs and culinary plants filling the air.

Planting includes evergreen shrubs to create shape and form, such as Olive and Phillyrea. Scented, compact shrubs like Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme sit peacefully with the light movement of grasses and airy perennials such as Verbena and Eryngium.

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Is The Mediterranean for me?


Suited to dry and sunny spaces, but adaptable for shady spots too


Ideal for entertaining outdoors, surrounded by soft colours and scents


Our easiest garden to look after, but still offering great shape all-year-round

The Cottage

Our interpretation of the timeless English cottage garden provides all the variety and interest, but with less maintenance than it traditionally requires. Brimming with colour and movement, The Cottage is dynamic, sensorial, romantic and just a little bit wild.

Planting includes free-flowering scented shrubs like Lavender and Choisya, and lots of colourful perennials (plants that return each year) with Geranium, Foxglove and Salvia. Bulbs and annuals can be used to add further seasonal interest, such as Tulips, Alliums, and Cosmos. 

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Is The Cottage for me?


An orchestra of colours, shapes and scents for real vibrancy


Natural planting style ideal for nature (and nature-lovers!)


Strong seasonal variety, but requires a little more care and attention

The Jungle

Create a lush, verdant and exotic garden refuge with The Jungle. Inspired by the plants of the tropics, you can enjoy a shady canopy of big leaves, luxuriant shapes and textures, interspersed with bold pops of colour. Well suited to shady spaces but equally adaptable to sunny spots too.

Planting includes Fatsia and Euphorbia for height and shape, with evergreen ferns, verdant grasses and Hosta at lower levels. Flourishes of colour come from exotic flowers like Crocosmia, Kniphofia and Salvia.

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Is The Jungle for me?


Lush and verdant for great year-round interest


Big, bold, contrasting foliage for serious visual impact


A rich green palette softened with deep, rusty reds and yellows

The Classic

If you’re looking for modern, simple elegance with a touch of formality then The Classic is for you. Our contemporary take on formal style creates clean lines, gentle texture and a relaxing colour palette of white, blue, silver and lime.

Planting includes evergreen shrubs like Ilex and Pittosporum, flowering shrubs like Hydrangeas and perennials such Astrantia, Thalictrum and Heuchera.  

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Is The Classic for me?


A garden style that perfectly suits a modern home and outdoor space


Elegant minimalism and colour-ways for a sophisticated look


Evergreens and shrubs mean less maintenance than other themes

The Adventure

We believe that gardening shouldn’t just be for grown ups, which is why - in partnership with award-winning child nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed - we’ve designed a theme especially for children! Bright colours, sensory textures, edible fruits and lots of fun - The Adventure is the perfect way to inspire a new generation of little gardeners to discover the wonderful world of plants and nature.

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Is The Adventure for me?

Kids first

Designed especially for children & families


Full of colour, vibrancy and variety


Created to trigger all the senses, from taste to touch

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