How can Dig help me?

What does Dig do?

Dig is here to make gardening less complicated and easier for you to create a beautiful outdoor space. We offer professionally designed, pre-planned flower beds (called Instant Beds) across our curated themes and deliver all the plants to your door with handy planting plans and guides. For those who want something more tailored, we offer a Bespoke Designs service too. 

How do you make gardening easier?

We’ve experienced first hand the challenges of getting gardening right – it’s time consuming, complicated and can be frustrating. But gardening can be amazingly rewarding too,  which is why we’ve done hard work for you so you can more easily select and order the designs and plants that work for you and your space and have them delivered right to you, ready for planting.

Just as importantly, we’ll help you look after and maintain your garden with helpful reminders, tips and tricks and through our members’ area, Dig Club.

More about Dig's Instant Beds

What are your Instant Beds?

We’ve worked with our professional design team to develop pre-planned flower beds that work to pretty much any size. This means that by ordering one (or more!), you’ll receive mature and healthy plants in a design that’s properly thought through and appropriate for urban gardens. Once planted, you’ll immediately have a well designed flower bed that is mature enough to have some instant impact.

How did you develop your themes?

Based on professional garden design principles, our 2024 themes have been carefully developed by our team to deliver a great range of options for you that take into account their your taste and preferences, as well the natural variables such as how much sun your garden gets.

How do I plant my Instant Bed?

Every Dig order is delivered with a personalised planting guide to help you successfully get all the plants into the ground. The guide includes some helpful planting tips, a colour-coded planting plan and key (it’s a bit like painting by numbers) and a plant list with photos and some information on each plant in your order.

You can also find more tips at our website and through our social channels. And soon we’ll have our members’ area Dig Club up and running too, for ongoing guidance and support.

Do I have to follow the planting guide and plan?

We highly recommend you follow guidance and instructions when planting your Instant Bed. We’ve created the designs to ensure the final look is professional and impactful, but also suitable for the plants in terms of position and spacing. If you do want to plant the bed in your own way then go for it, but we need to highlight that the end result might not be as satisfying or successful as you’d hoped!

Which plants exactly will I be getting with my Instant Bed?

The plant selection varies depending on which theme you choose, as well as the shape, size and aspect. We give you some ideas of what you’ll get on the Our Themes page on our website too. The nature of industry and plant availability means that sometimes we need change the plant choices in our themes from order to order, but this never impacts the final result.

Can I change any of the plants in an Instant Bed when I’m ordering?

We can’t change any plants once the order has been placed, but do give you the chance to avoid certain plant types during the purchase process – e.g. all child/pet friendly plants. If you’re looking for something even more personalised, then we’d recommend you try our Bespoke Designs service.

Can I purchase additional plants or pots with my Instant Bed?

Absolutely. When ordering you can add extra plants for your bed that will make it look even fuller and more beautiful – normally these are “Annuals” which grow and live for one season before dying off (they’re a great way of bringing added instant impact) and also climbers if you would like to train something against a wall or fence. We can help with pots too – just get in touch.

I want to keep some of the plants that are already in my flower bed - is this OK?

In general, it’s our recommendation to clear the bed of any plants you’ve ordered an Instant Bed for and freshen up the soil. This is the most effective way to ensure your plants will flourish and look great. Of course, if there’s a plant in place you can’t face getting rid of, then you can look to accommodate it into the Instant Bed planting plan. But there’s some risk involved both in relation to the final look and also the health of the new plants you’re introducing… there could be significant root systems that will prevent your new plants getting fully established. If in doubt, get in touch with us. 

I have a balcony/patio/no-soil garden. Can Dig's Instant Beds work for me?

Absolutely! Our Instant Beds are easily adjustable to work across any number of pots, whether they be window boxes or free-standing pots and troughs. We’re working on some tips to help you with this right now, but in the meantime get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

More about Dig's Bespoke Designs

What are your Bespoke Designs?

Our Bespoke Design service is for those who want something more personalised and tailored to their outdoor space. By completing a simple questionnaire on our website, our team will come back with some thoughts on what would be best for your garden and, following that, develop some bespoke designs. We can also still order and deliver the plants right to your door, with the helpful planting guide and plan. 

Is Bespoke Designs right me?

There are a few reasons why Bespoke Designs might feel more suited to your needs. It might be because your flower bed(s) are too large for our Instant Beds, or that you have a fair few plants they’re keen to keep, or because you want a total redesign of your outdoor space. If any of these feel relevant to you, then Bespoke Designs might be way to go.

How exactly does the process work?

Step one is to complete our online questionnaire. This asks a number of questions about your outdoor space that will help us understand what you’re looking for and how we can help. The more detail you provide at this stage, the easier it will be for us to come up with some clear recommendations. If you like the sound of what we suggest and the cost, then we can then get a bespoke garden design plan created for you.

Once you’re happy with that, we can then order and deliver all the plants to you too (though this isn’t a mandatory – you can just get the garden design and source the plants yourself if you prefer).

Can I choose any style or theme I want?

We will always work from our 2024 curated garden themes rather than totally from scratch. There’s still a good deal of flexibility in them to help ensure our design for your garden feels really personal and to your taste!

Do you offer site visits or consultations?

Yes, this can be organised but is likely to be chargeable. We can do phone and video calls as an alternative option.

Does Bespoke Designs offer a full landscaping service?

Yes, we can take on landscaping projects pending the size and location of the garden. We have a number of trusted partners who we work with regularly.

Plants, planting and plant-care

What types of plants will I get from Dig?

All of our plants are chosen to work perfectly for our garden themes and beds. Moreover, we design our beds to ensure that they provide visual interest and shape throughout the year, not just during the spring and summer. This means your bed will include some larger plants and shrubs for annual interest, as well as smaller perennials (which return each year) and bedding plants that bring colour and shape. When you receive your plants, your plant list provides useful guidance on each one, such as what conditions it likes and when it will flower.

How many plants will I get?

This depends on what size and shape bed you choose from us, and indeed how many. But to give you an idea, a flower bed with dimensions of 200cm by 100cm would have approximately 20 plants. It means the flower bed will look full from the start, but allows space for the plants to grow into the space and really thrive.

More detail on this can be found on Our Themes pages.

How long will they last?

Our aim is to provide you with plants that will mostly live from one year to the next (we sell ‘Annuals’ too which only last for one season and help add immediate colour). Each year, your plants will continue to grow and mature and become more established in the bed – we’ll provide pointers and guidance on how best to maintain them and help them flourish.

Where do your plants come from?

We work with a number of trusted plant growers and suppliers around the UK, whose plant-care standards and protocols are excellent. Where possible, we source UK-grown plants though some specific plants will come from mainland Europe.

Can you plant everything for me?

It’s fun and satisfying to plant things yourself and get your hands dirty, but we appreciate sometimes this might feel a bit daunting or you just won’t have the time. For this reason, we can do all the planting for you for an additional cost. Get in touch with during the process and we can arrange this for you, no problem.

How do I go about preparing the flower bed and planting the plants when they've arrived?

We provide some useful hints and tips on this through our website and social channels. And once you’ve placed an order we’ll be in touch to tell you what needs to be done in preparation for the arrival of your new plants. You’ll also receive a simple, visual planting guide with your plants too.

How do I look after my plants?

We provide guidance on how to plant your plants and how to look after them within the planting guide which arrives with your delivery and we will keep in touch afterwards to help you on your gardening journey.

Occasionally, customers come to us with a specific question about one of their plants. For this, our team will look to answer the question or, for an instant answer, we direct people to the RHS website, which is an invaluable resource and great place to start.


How does delivery work?

We deliver everything ourselves right to your front door – it’s the best way of ensuring all the plants you’ve ordered arrive in great condition and are ready for planting.

Once you’ve placed your order we’ll be in touch to organise a delivery date and time. We will need you to be at home to accept our delivery so we don’t leave all the plants sitting all lonely on your doorstep.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is free for any orders over £100. For under £100, a £15 charge will be added to you order.

What if I'm not at home when you deliver?

We do ask for you to be at home to accept the delivery from one of our team. As we’re often delivering whole flower beds, we’ll be transporting a lot of plants which we can’t leave on your front doorstep at the mercy of the elements and perhaps someone who has their eye on some free stuff…

We’ll make sure we remind you of the delivery date and time in advance.

I need to change the delivery time/date - is this possible?

Yes, but if it’s within 72 hours of the agreed date then we’ll need to add a surcharge to your order – we need to order your plants ahead of time from our trusted suppliers and changing delivery dates at late notice can impact the process. If you’re not sure about the delivery date you’ve chosen, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Will you be able to take all the plants through to my garden?

If you’d like us to do this, then we’re happy to do so!

Where do you deliver?

We currently cover the following postcodes:


What are you lead times for delivery?

Right now, the lead times from placing your order to receiving all your plants is one to two weeks.

We’ll be in touch soon after your order has been placed to arrange a suitable delivery date and time.


How do you take payment?

For Instant Beds we accept secure card payments through our website and via Apple Pay.

For Bespoke Designs, we will share invoices for the work done.

Is there are minimum order value?

No, there is no minimum order value, but orders under £100 will include an additional delivery charge of £15.

How do I change or cancel my order?

If you wish to change your order or cancel it prior to delivery, please get in touch with us.

If you are unhappy with any of the plants at delivery, your delivery person will take them away again, and you will be issued a full refund excluding any delivery charges. However, once you have signed for the plants and our driver has left your premises, the plants become your responsibility and we cannot guarantee any further returns will be accepted. This is because plants can deteriorate quickly if not properly cared for.  If you should have any concerns regarding your plants after your driver has left, get in touch and we will endeavour to rectify any issues as quickly as possible.

For more details, please see our Terms and Conditions.

My order arrived damaged. What do I do?

We do our very best to ensure all the plants we deliver are in great condition and will check the plants carefully before they leave us. However, if you do notice significant* damage to any of your plants then get in touch with us, send a photo of the plant(s) in question and we will organise a collection and its replacement.

* Plants are fragile goods and can be bumped around a bit in transit, which can result in some damaged leaves or broken stems. This will not cause major issues for the plant and therefore should not be considered as ‘significant’ damage. Plants also look different at various points of the year, so get in touch if you have any concerns.

For more details, please see our Terms and Conditions.