To make your own Indoor Bulb Display, you’ll need a few simple items which we’ve listed below. We’ve also included some helpful images of one of the Indoor Bulb Display kits that we have recently been selling at Christmas fairs like The Christmas Cotswold Fair at Daylesford Organic recently. Whilst we don’t sell these through our website, we do have a few left and so if you are interested and based within two hours of London we might be able to arrange something!

You will need:

  • A container approximately 30cm wide and at least 20cm deep
  • Peat-free compost, enough to level-fill the container
  • Paperwhite narcissi, or other spring flowering bulbs
  • Sphagnum moss, sufficient to cover the surface of the compost
  • Decorative and structural branches – we recommend hazel which are springy and strong
  • Decorative pinecones

Step 1

Source a container! We have this beautiful concrete shell, but anything watertight will do – it could be an enamel pie dish, it could be a serving bowl, it could be a wide flower pot. Whatever best suits your style.

Step 2

Fill the container with peat-free compost. We recommend filling the container in a mound shape, which will give the bulbs varying height and interest, and will also work to possible rounded edges of your container.

Step 3

Place your bulbs evenly around the compost, ensuring that they aren’t touching one another, are nestled securely in the compost, but that there will be enough heigh for the tops to remain exposed one you have placed the sphagnum moss around them

Step 4

Cover the compost and bulbs with moss, leaving enough of the bulb tops exposed to ensure they can get the light they’ll need to germinate earlier than usual (you want them emerging in time for the festive season after all)

Step 5

Place your decorative, structural branches into the compost – these look nice, but also serve the dual purpose of supporting the flowers when they emerge

Step 6

For a final flourish, dot some seasonal decorations around the bowl. Pine cones are great for this, but they could be seedheads, berries, interesting stones – it’s up to you. You are creating a miniature garden here so creativity is very much encouraged.

Step 7

And that’s that! Once you’ve finished, ensure to keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. We also recommend spritzing the moss with water every few days to keep it similarly moist and verdant. Once planted, paperwhite flowers should begin to emerge in 4-6 weeks – just in time for Christmas.