At Dig, we are firm believers that getting out in the fresh air, getting your hands dirty and connecting with nature is the ultimate tonic to lift the mood (usually followed by a hard-earned gin and tonic at the end of the day!) and we’ve felt that more than ever in the last 18 months.

During the strictest of lockdown measures, even the smallest patch of garden, terrace, balcony or even front doorstep was like gold dust when confined to our homes. There’s nothing quite like soaking up some sun (here’s hoping!) and tending to your plants after a long day of staring at a screen to clear the mind, slow life down and burn a few calories while you’re at it.

Here are a few facts for you in case you need persuading to be a part of Dig Club:


See ya spin class!

Gardening is proven to be a great form of exercise, and an hour of planting small plants and bulbs or digging can burn between 300 and 450 calories


Happy hormones

Productive gardening increases serotonin levels in the brain, causing you to be happier throughout the day. Contact with soil and a specific soil bacterium, Mycobacterium vaccae, triggers the release of serotonin, a natural antidepressant that strengthens the immune system.


Digital detox

At the risk of getting our phones wet or muddy, gardening is best done without your tech by your side. Research shows that even just a 30 minute break from our screens per day can improve our concentration and long-term brain health.


Look and enjoy

Studies have shown that even just looking at trees and plants reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and relieves tension in muscles, so the benefits of a beautiful garden can be felt even after you’ve done the gardening bit.

So head outside and reconnect with the pace of nature – and use Dig to make sure you know what to do when you’re out there!

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