What you’ll need:

  • A Hanging Basket (with chain and hook)
  • Lining (This may already be included in your basket)
  • Small bag of peat-free compost
  • Small bag of grit, or equivalent, for drainage
  • Plants (enough to fill your basket)
  • Gloves (if you don’t want muddy hands)

How to plant up your hanging basket:

Step 1: Firstly, add a layer of grit at the bottom of your basket for drainage

Step 2: Fill your basket with peat-free compost, you can mix in some grit into your compost too. 

Step 3: Try out the position of your plants in your basket until you’re happy with the placements and combination.

Step 4: Now you’re ready to plant! Pop each plant out of their pots and give the roots a tease loose. This will help the plant settle into their new pot. Continue with each plant, filling around the edges with more compost and giving the top a firm down to ensure the plants are secure into their new position.

Step 5: (Optional) Add a layer of grit on top – this can help retain moisture and looks smart too

Step 6: Give your new display a good drink of water then it’s ready to hang!

Step 7: Secure the basket in place (I like to add a zip tie to make sure it’s double secure) and then enjoy watching all the plants fill out and trail down.

Choosing your plants:

A good general rule when looking for plants for your hanging basket is to look for combinations of plants that trail, have long flowering periods, and which, together, have a complimentary colour palette.

Below, I’ve listed a few plant varieties inspired by our Dig themes that can be displayed on their own or as a combination.

The Adventure

Vibe: Colourful, Edible, Playful 

Colour Palette: Reds, Oranges and Blues

Plant Palette: Lysimachia monelli, Strawberries and orange Nasturtiums

The Mediterranean

Vibe: Informal, Aromatic, Calming

Colour Palette: Blues, Light Purples and SIlvers

Plant Palette: Dwarf Lavender, Helichrysum ‘Silver Mist’, Trailing Rosemary prostratus

The Cottage

Vibe: Timeless, Joyful, Wild

Colour Palette: Pinks, Light and Vibrant Purples and White

Plant Palette: Pink Petunia, Lobelia Trailing Fountain, Erigeron karvinskianus

The Nordic

Vibe: Naturalistic, Ethereal, Seasonal

Colour Palette: Whites, Terracottas and Plums

Plant Palette: Oxalis triangularis, Sweet Alyssum, orange Calibrachoa

The Jungle

Vibe: Bold, Exotic, Abundant

Colour Palette: Greens, Purples and Reds

Plant Palette: Campanula poscharskyana, red Begonia (‘Inferno’ is a great option), Dryopteris erythrosora

The Classic

Vibe: Minimal, Contemporary and Evergreen

Colour Palette: Greens and White

Plant Palette: , white Pelargoniums, white Begonia, Hedera Helix (varigated Ivy)