We’ve been working hard to make some helpful updates to our Instant Bed ordering process meaning you now have…

More Personalisation!

Personalise your order more specifically to your space, whether that’s open or one-sided beds, or raised vs in the ground (as well as sun or shade of course).

Child & Pet Friendly Plants across all our themes!

Ensure your Instant Bed is completely safe for children and pets. Let us know when you order and we’ll ensure to replace some of the plants that, while beautiful, could be harmful if ingested by inquisitive children or pets.

More Extras!

You can now add way more add ons, from compost to trees to plant packs to showstoppers. We’re expanding our extras all the time to make gardening as easy and joyful as possible.

More Plants!

To top it off, we’ve optimised our designs to make sure you’re getting more plants per square metre – meaning better value for money metre for metre.

To find out more about Dig Instant Beds and try out our new updates, visit this link here.