Our mission at Dig is to help as many people as possible to transform their outdoor space – to fill it with beautiful plants and create a verdant and inviting habitat for wildlife. We’re a new, small business and so are always looking to make our products better, to help us meet that mission

To help make ordering one of our Instant Beds as easy as possible, we’ve changed the process allowing you to order a curated selection of beautiful plants from us, that now fit precisely into the space you’d like to fill with plants. We’ve made this change from the selection of fixed sizes we had available previously so that now, no matter how big or small your space, we can help bring a bit of perfectly-fitted nature to your door. 

So, how do I order a Dig Instant Bed?

Below are the easy steps you’ll take on our website to show you just how easy ordering an Instant Bed from Dig is.

Ordering an Instant Bed

Visit the Instant Beds page on our website

Screenshot of Instant Bed page on digclub.co.uk

Post code checker

You’ll need to put your post code in to check we deliver to you. We’re working on improving the areas we cover. If we don’t deliver to you yet, drop us an email and depending on the size of the project we’ll see what we can do!

Choose your theme

Choose your preferred Theme from our choice of four professionally-curated designs, prepared by our award-winning garden designer Alex Hollingsworth. 

Screengrab of Choose Your Theme

Add your dimensions

Input your dimensions having measured the width (the distance from left to right when facing your bed) and depth (the distance from front to back). 

All of our garden designs are created to also allow for flexibility. If your bed incorporates some curved edges, planting plans can easily be adapted to work for those variations. If this is the case for you, input the nearest measurements.

Choose sun or shade

Choose sun or shade, based on whether the area you want to fill with plants is predominantly in light or shadow throughout the day. Remember that this must be the area you want to fill with plants, rather than your entire outdoor space.

Screengrab of choose sun or shade

At this stage, our website will generate a quote for you – telling you how many plants you will receive, and the price.

Choose your extras

You can also customise your new Instant Bed by adding bedding plants or a climber to trail up a fence or wall. These add-ons can provide a splash of additional colour. 

Choose your extras section screengrab also showing summary of price that

We supply annual bedding plants (annual meaning that they will flower, and then go to seed, before dying at the end of the growing season). In some cases you’ll find the same plant growing anew next year from last years seeds which is always lovely, but it is also common practise in gardening to put in new bedding plants each year. New bedding plants every year mean that you can mix up your colour scheme, keeping the pops of colour fresh each year around your established perennials (perennials meaning plants that come back every year).

Place your order

Once you have added any extras to your new bed, simply head to checkout (or add another bed if you have more than one area to transform!) and your new garden will be making its way to your front door, stickered and colour-coordinated with all the instructions and advice you need to help you plant them in. Easy as that, allowing you to get on with enjoying your newly transformed outdoor space.

As always, if you have any questions at all, you can contact us at hello@digclub.co.uk