There’s a common misconception that gardening is difficult. Many of the barriers to entry with gardening come from it being perceived as a bit old fashioned, with lots of latin words and technical terminology that don’t necessarily help, as well as endless plants and plant combinations to choose from… That’s before you even start thinking about what plants will do well in what place. From our own experience, and our customers’ we’ve found that the biggest difficulty is often simply knowing where to begin. 

We created Dig to try to change that.

Every Dig Instant Bed comes with all of the plants in one go, as well as a beautiful colour-coded and numbered plan to help you arrange and then plant your new plants. Each plant comes with a colour-coded label that corresponds to your planting plan – which includes your professional garden design set out by our team of award-winning garden designers.

A screenshot of a design being made by a Dig Designer on a mac computer


To order your new plants, visit our Instant Beds page, choose one of our five themes (The Cottage, The Jungle, The Classic, The Mediterranean and The Adventure), tell us the dimensions of the space you want to fill with plants, and whether the space is mostly in sun or shade, we’ll ensure that you receive a suite of plants that match your taste and style as well as working perfectly with your outdoor space. We’ll also stay in touch afterwards to help you care for your new garden residents!

On top of all of that, each of our themes include plants that have been specially chosen to work well in most gardens, to be relatively low-maintenance (because it wouldn’t be much fun if you didn’t have to do any gardening!), and to be safe for children and pets. They can also be adapted for pots, window boxes, and planters, naturally.

So, with a Dig Instant Bed, creating a beautiful outdoor space – whether for a garden, balcony, terrace or patio – really is as easy as painting by numbers.

Plant pots with colour coded, numbered labels to help you plant