1. Time

From now, you have the longest amount of time before growing starts again in spring. Plants have finished or are at least winding down before autumn and winter and focusing their attention beneath the soil

2. Warm soil

Soil retains a lot of warmth from summer, dissipating slowly as we move into autumn. By planting now in the still-warm ground, healthy roots will establish quickly and have enough time to mature before frosts set in. They’ll strengthen and be ready for a robust display next year. As an added bonus, because the soil is soft and damp, it’s easier to dig. Great news for your back. 

3. Less watering

With cooling temperatures, new plants won’t need as much water. The soil will retain more moisture and plants will therefore need less TLC. Better for you, better for the environment, better for your water bill.

4. Great stock

We’re not the only ones who’ve cottoned on to autumn being a great time of year to plant a garden (obviously). Nurseries know it too, and will always have fantastic stock at this time of year. It’s not only a great time of year to plant a garden, it’s a really great time of year to source the highest quality plants to go in it. Our network of nurseries have even more fantastic plants in than usual at the moment.

#DigTopTip: Plants will have an even better chance at establishing strongly if the roots are moist when planted. All Dig plants will arrive watered but, if you notice that any plants are dry when removing them from their containers, give them a soak and leave them overnight before planting again.

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