The Dig Spring Countdown is all about thinking ahead. With spring on the way, there are plenty of things you can be doing now before things really kick off in the garden to make sure that, when spring hits, it hits hard – giving you maximum impact and enjoyment.

We’ve filmed these top tips for spring preparation from our own various outdoor spaces – whether a balcony, garden or even front path – to hopefully show how easy it is to do a bit of gardening, no matter what type of green space access you have.

We started the Dig Spring Countdown with a classic spring clean, as our founder Henry (and William!) tidied up and mulched a flower bed:

Next up, Ed, one of our co-founders and Lydia our operations lead, did the same for their respective outdoor spaces:

Then it was Jenny, one of our brilliant designers’ turn – with a guide to splitting perennials to manage their size and, as an added bonus, give you some free plants. Now is a perfect time to split perennials!

Back to Henry, and a guide to sweet pea sowing, as well as a bit of casual potato chitting to get them ready for planting in the vegetable patch later in the year.

With spring still a way off, it might feel like your plants have given up… but fear not:

Ever wondered how to lay out and dig over a bed? We’ve got you covered.

Plant of the Week: Mimosa!

Plant of the Week: Euphorbia!

Beginners Guide to Spring Pruning!

Another Plant of the Week (and one very synonymous with spring): Magnolia!

Hanging Baskets ahoy with Lydia:

And with that, looks like we made it! Happy spring!