Eva Waite-Taylor writes… “Outdoor space is a must-have for many, but if you’re not a keen gardener it can be difficult to know exactly what to do with it. While obvious design suggestions seem to point towards grass, decking or paving slabs, beyond that it starts to get difficult – especially when it comes to choosing which plants should go where and whether they’ll withstand the elements.

If you’re anything like us and have little to no experience in creating a presentable outdoor space, you need a solution, fast. And luckily, we’ve found just that: meet Dig Club. Essentially, the service is all about helping you transform your space into a flourishing garden by delivering instant flower beds to your door.

Depending on how you want your outdoor space to look, there are six different professionally designed flower beds to choose from, including the cottage – which is an interpretation of the timeless English garden – the jungle and the Mediterranean. The greenery arrives ready to be planted with clear and helpful plans and instructions. Who’d have thought gardening could be so simple?”

“As aspiring green-fingered pros, we’re frequently looking for easy ways to inject some life and diversity into our gardens. That’s where Dig Club comes in. The service delivers ready-made flower beds to your door.

The process of ordering your flower beds is simple – you start by choosing a theme, from evergreen Mediterranean-inspired shrubs to flowers inspired by a classic English garden, and there’s even one designed especially if you want to do it with children. You’ll then input the dimensions of your bed or planter and identify the setting (whether the plants will be in the sun or shade; if one or both sides will be visible and if it’s in the ground or raised). Once this is done, your order is placed, and you await the arrival of your thriving garden.”

Check out the full review here on The Independent’s website. Thanks again to Eva Waite-Taylor – we’re over the moon!