Elegant and calming, The Classic has its roots in Persian antiquity, the Italian Renaissance palazzos and the Baroque French chateaux. Our interpretation retains the principles of formal design, but with modern plant choices, making it the perfect choice for those looking for refined, contemporary simplicity.

Lush, small-leaved evergreens and confident Hydrangeas provide structure, whilst soft, airy plants like Thalictrum and Irises offer height and shape. Romantic Roses and delicate Astrantia add understated colour and interest, held together with year-round ground cover from Heucheras and Hellebores.

The Elements

There are a number of key elements that calmly combine to create your Classic garden.


Soft colours, airy height and delicate flowering plants combine to create a garden that demands a closer look.


Inspired by the world of formal gardens, the planting scheme, plant choices and structure provides a contemporary finish.

Quietly confident

Our most understated theme nevertheless packs a punch with swathes of white and cream blooms throughout.

The Classic palette

Simple blue

Soft white

Silver grey

Lime green

London green

The Inspiration


Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicholson’s beautiful refuge, Sissinghurst was transformed throughout the 1930s into the iconic blend of formality and vibrancy, maintained today by the National Trust.

Trentham Estate

Trentham’s history is a long one, with a manor recorded at the site as long ago as 1086. The formal gardens laid out in the 19th century remain an iconic example of Italianate structure from the Victorian period, with modern planting to bring the gardens into the 21st century. A garden for the ages.

Charlotte Rowe’s Wimbledon West Garden

This beautiful, modern design in West London invites long summer evenings in the garden. It compromises straight lines and hedging suggesting formal gardens and, in obscuring the height of the steps, even harks back to iconic landscape designer Capability Brown’s use of ha-has. A delicate blend of formal principles and contemporary sophistication.

The Plants

Our designs are created to ensure your garden has real structure, colour and shape, for immediate impact.

It means you’ll receive plants and flowers of all shapes and sizes - from larger, “hero” items for stature and impact, all the way through to smaller “bedding” plants that help fill spaces and bring colour.

Here’s some more detail on the types of plants you can look forward to with The Classic - delivered right to your door and ready for planting.

1. Canopy

A small tree with a canopy such as an Acer or Amelanchier provide both height and cover - a centrepiece of the design

2. Shrub

Weighty shrubs such as Viburnum and Hydrangea add structure and substance to the design, ensuring immediate shape

3. Height

Elegant, tall perennials such as Thalictrum and Veronicastrum need little space to bring height and impact to the design

4. Statement

Statement plants such as Sarcoccca, Iris and the iconic Rose create flow and movement, with visual stand-out

5. Ground

Ground plants such as white Astrantia and Lobelia and Pachysandra create carpets of colour that fill gaps and provide beautiful scents too

6. Climber

Climbers such as Clematis and Jasmine help create height, range and coverage against fences and walls

The Designs

Each design in this theme has been carefully curated to give you the perfect balance of statement plants, varying heights and flowering throughout the year, in both shade and sun. This is an example design for a large slim rectangle Instant Bed.

Please note that we create your design based on a range of plants to ensure they best suit your space, aspect and flower bed(s) size - the plants mentioned on this page are representative of the theme but there can be variations!

The Options

We have three different shapes and sizes of the The Classic available with our Instant Beds, designed for both sunny and shady spots within in your garden.

Or, you can go Bespoke if you want something little more personalised.

Wide rectangle

Small: £92

100 x 60 cm - 7 plants

Medium: £188

150 x 80 cm - 15 plants

Large: £380

200 x 100 cm - 25 plants

Slim rectangle

Small: £172

200 x 60 cm - 14 plants

Medium: £380

250 x 80 cm - 25 plants

Large: £476

300 x 100 cm - 33 plants

Corner triangle

Small: £72

80 x 80 cm - 4 plants

Medium: £108

120 x 120 cm - 8 plants

Large: £284

180 x 180 cm - 18 plants

Top tip

Our designs are densely planted so if your space is up to 20% bigger than these sizes you can always spread out the plants a little more and you will still have a beautiful, professional-looking flower bed.

What you'll get



All plants delivered to your door by a member of the Dig team


All plants clearly-labeled, ready for planting

Planting plan

An easy-to-follow planting plan, colour coded with the plants

Dig Club

Membership to Dig Club for tips, reminders, and follow-ups to keep your garden looking great

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