Working with customers to create our Bespoke designs is always a satisfying process. We bring our enthusiasm and design expertise (in the shape of our professional garden designers Alex, Fabienne and Serena and their team) to a huge variety of different spaces and requirements to create something that feels like an extension of their home. With Reena Simon (@hygge_for_home), we took that process to the next level, co-creating a theme that spoke not only to Reena’s home, but to her experience, lifestyle and outlook – with the beautiful outcome of an entirely new theme that others are able to enjoy as well. 

The Nordic theme intertwines the naturalistic approach of Scandinavian landscape and garden design – translating, more often than not, to relaxed planting, space, and ease – with the
Hygge philosophy of comfortable conviviality and wellbeing. In simple terms, a garden that can truly make you feel at home.

All of our themes are designed to thrive year-round, with different plants ebbing and flowing through the seasons. The Nordic is no different and, with plant choices designed to give structural and sensorial interest rather than simply colourful interest, this theme really sings through the seasons.

With eye-catching trees like Silver Birch, sturdy evergreen shrubs like Sarcococca and Pinus mugo, flowing grasses from Miscanthus to Molinia, and thoughtful perennials such as Veronicastrum, Tiarella, Gaura and Echincea, we have created a natural, almost wild-feeling harmony of greens, browns, whites, and pops of light, dancing colour. With grasses, and delicate Silver Birch branches too, The Nordic is a theme you can hear as much as see.

We’re so pleased to share this new theme and hope that if you choose it for your own garden it helps to bring a touch of Scandinavian ethos, sensibility and comfort to your home, friends and family.

To find out more about the theme, visit its theme page here and to see it in-situ in Reena’s beautifully-designed garden… make a cup of tea and enjoy the film below.