The Nordic is the result of a very close collaboration with celebrated Scandinavian design expert and writer, Reena Simon. Infusing the essence of the Hygge philosophy on interior design and rustic living, with the simplicity and naturalistic focus of Scandinavian landscape and garden design, this theme is full of character, warmth and nature through every season.

Structure and height comes from Silver Birch and Hydrangea quercifolia, with year-round structure and form provided by grasses such as Miscanthus and Molinia with their delicate, trembling seed heads as well as ferns like the 'Autumn Fern', Dryopteris erythrosora. Subtle colour is delivered through the magnificent Echinacea 'White Swan', Astilbe and Gaura 'Whirling Butterflies'.

The Elements

There are a number of key elements that effortlessly combine to create your Nordic garden.


An informal planting style creates a garden in harmony with its natural surroundings.


Scented shrubs, soft grasses and structural ferns inspire a sense of calm and tranquility.


A theme for every season, with visual interest from sunny midsummer, to frosty midwinter.

The Nordic palette

Nordic green

Earth terracotta

Bleached white

Snow white

Plum purple

The Inspiration

Reena Simon's garden, Cardiff

Reena's garden was created as the ultimate Nordic retreat - a calming, welcoming space that embraces the Hygge philosophy and elegantly sits within its natural surroundings.

Piet Oudolf's Hauser & Wirth garden, Somerset

A stunning example of a naturalistic planting style by celebrated garden designer Piet Oudolf, which looks spectacular all year round - particularly in Autumn and Winter.

DesignHaver's garden, Denmark

A great example of how carefully selected planting and careful construction work can combine architectural minimalism with the surrounding nature.

The Plants

Our designs are created to ensure your garden has real structure, colour and shape, for immediate impact.

It means you’ll receive plants and flowers of all shapes and sizes - from larger, “hero” items for stature and impact, all the way through to smaller “bedding” plants that help fill spaces and bring colour.

Here’s some more detail on the types of plants you can look forward to with The Nordic - delivered right to your door and ready for planting.

1. Centrepiece

A visually interesting, structural shrub such as Hydrangea or Pinus mugo 'Mops' forms the design’s centrepiece

2. Shape

Weighty shrubs such as Sarcoccoca and Blackberry add form and substance to the design, ensuring immediate shape

3. Height

Elegant, tall perennials such as Echinacea and Veronicastrum need little space to bring height and impact to the design

4. Statement

Statement plants such as the grass Miscanthus and Molinia caerulea create flow and movement, with visual stand-out

5. Ground

Ground plants such as Tiarella and Epimedium create carpets of colour that fill gaps and provide beautiful scents too

6. Climber

Climbers such as Hydrangea and Jasmine help create height, range and coverage against fences and walls

The Designs

Each design in this theme has been carefully curated to give you the perfect balance of statement plants, varying heights and flowering throughout the year, in both shade and sun.

Please note that we create your design based on a range of plants to ensure they best suit your space, aspect and flower bed(s) size - the plants mentioned on this page are representative of the theme but there can be variations!

The Options

We have three different shapes and sizes of the The Mediterranean available with our Instant Beds, designed for both sunny and shady spots within in your garden.

Or, you can go Bespoke if you want something little more personalised.

Wide rectangle

Small: £92

100 x 60 cm - 7 plants

Medium: £188

150 x 80 cm - 15 plants

Large: £380

200 x 100 cm - 25 plants

Slim rectangle

Small: £172

200 x 60 cm - 14 plants

Medium: £380

250 x 80 cm - 25 plants

Large: £460

300 x 100 cm - 33 plants

Corner triangle

Small: £72

80 x 80 cm - 4 plants

Medium: £108

120 x 120 cm - 8 plants

Large: £284

180 x 180 cm - 18 plants

Top tip

Our designs are densely planted so if your space is up to 20% bigger than these sizes you can always spread out the plants a little more and you will still have a beautiful, professional-looking flower bed.

What you'll get



Everything delivered to your door by a member of the Dig team


All plants clearly-labeled, ready for planting

Planting plan

An easy-to-follow planting plan, colour coded with the plants

Dig Club

Membership to Dig Club for tips, reminders, and follow-ups to keep your garden looking great

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