The Jungle – Green, dramatic, warm


The Jungle is full to the brim with bold, dramatic plants that will turn your garden into a lush, verdant refuge, far from the madding crowd. A theme where foliage of all shapes and sizes creates a rich backdrop for surprising pops of vibrant colour – perfect for a shady garden, basement or terrace but happy in sun too.

Luxurious canopies are formed by majestic tree ferns and palms, with shape and height provided by Euphorbia, Mahonia and Bamboo. The bold colours of Phormium, Crocosima and Salvia bring vibrancy, all underpinned by a forest-floor carpet of Asplenium, Heuchera and Hosta. Welcome to the Jungle.

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The Cottage – Eclectic, wild, intensive


With explosions of flowers from late-spring through summer to early autumn, ably supported by shrubs to give year-round structure and interest, The Cottage is designed to maximise ‘flower power’ and appeal to all of your senses. A nature-loving design, where modern plant choices blend with the wilder principles of the English cottage garden.

Structure and colour comes from the flowers and berries of Viburnum and delicately spring-blossoming Fuji cherry tree, with year-round colour and interest provided by Hellebores and Tiarellas. The Cottage truly sparkles in the summer with Astrantia, Fuschia, Lupin and Verbena creating symphonies of colour, shape, and height.

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The Mediterranean – Sunkissed, welcoming, easy


Who doesn’t love the Mediterranean? Just the name evokes a feeling of escape, relaxation and, well, holidays. Yes, it’s the climate, the warm seas, the amazing food. But the plants really play their part too. Whether it’s iconic trees like Olive, Bay and

Fig, the delicately scented shrubs and plants of Lavender, Thyme and Sage or the flowing grasses and airy perennials such as Stipa Tenuissima and Verbena; all help craft an atmosphere for your garden that magically transports you to those warmer climes.

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The Classic – Contemporary, simple, easy


Elegant and calming, The Classic has its roots in Persian antiquity, the Italian Renaissance palazzos and the Baroque French chateaux. Our interpretation retains the principles of formal design, but with modern plant choices, making it the perfect choice for those looking for refined, contemporary simplicity.

Lush, small-leaved evergreens and confident Hydrangeas provide structure, whilst soft, airy plants like Thalictrum and Irises offer height and shape. Romantic Roses and delicate Astrantia add understated colour and interest, held together with year-round ground cover from Heucheras and Hellebores.

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The Adventure – Kids-first, colourful, sensorial


Created in partnership with leading child nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed, The Adventure combines bold colours, soft textures, extravagant shapes, edible fruits and (importantly) lots of pollinator magnets to create an exciting voyage of discovery. It’s designed to encourage children to get outside, get their hands dirty, grow their own and unearth the fun of gardening and nature. Perfectly suited for little hands with big imaginations.

Structure and colour come from the flowers and fruits of small trees such as cherry and elderflower, with year-round interest from beautiful blossoms to eye-catching leaves. The Adventure glimmers with colour and is deliberately very sensorial, with soft grasses and delicious edible fruits such as wild strawberries. A perfect (and slightly crazy) playground for budding young gardeners.

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